Nida Dar's late withdrawal from batting stance triggers controversy

Nida Dar

Aryan Surana

Pakistani all-rounder Nida Dar's late withdrawal from facing a ball sparked controversy in the third and final ODI against Australia. The Australian players weren't pleased with her belated call to back off as the ball had hit the stumps only for the on-field umpire to adjudge it a dead ball.

The controversial moment transpired during Tahlia McGrath's 27th over. The Aussie quick ran in to bowl the fifth ball of the over, but Nida Dar swayed away just before the ball pitched. On closer inspection, it becomes clear that the batter was still looking down when the ball was about to be released so she may not have been ready. However, the decision to not face the ball should've been taken more swiftly as it was too close for comfort.