Best moments from Brett Lee's career


Aryan Surana

If you ask any cricket fan in the world, they'll immediately mention the name Brett Lee as one of the finest cricket stars who ever played the sport. It should come to no surprise hearing Brett's name mentioned in sports talks about being one of the world's fastest bowlers.

Just like any other legends in the game, Brett Lee has tons of moments that stick to fans forever. These are cricket matches that left a huge impression that will make it to the record books as one of the classic moments done by a legendary player.

Who is this Australian former international cricketer Brett Lee and what are his greatest moments during his career? Here are his finest plays and moments throughout his illustrious career.

His five-for on Test Debut

Brett Lee's debut game started during the 1999 Boxing Day Test in Melbourne where he immediately glistened in the spotlight and made a name for himself.

His outstanding five-wicket haul was the star of the show. His figures in his first Test were 5/47 from just 17 overs in the first innings that totalled 238. He dominated India's batting lineup which included huge scalps like Rahul Dravid and Saddagopan Ramesh.

His Test career had a great start when he took the wicket off the fourth ball on his very first over. His first Test lived up to the hype when he entered the league and showed a glimpse of the future of what a legendary cricket player he was going to be.

Brett Lee's fastest ball

There's no denying that Brett was well-known for his control on pacing as he consistently clocked 145 km/h during his career. In fact, he occasionally pulled a muscle and got injured throughout his cricket stint.

In 2000, he recorded an impressive fastball of 161.8 km/h on radar guns. However, this has since been debunked to be an error on the recorder's part where he actually clocked about 142 km/hr on the delivery.

His fastest career ball was tracked at 161.1 km/h which is second to the fastest ball recorded at 161.3 km/h by Shoaib Akhtar.

Brett's delivery on the fastball of 161.1 km/h occurred in a match against New Zealand in an ODI game. Lee bowled two straight deliveries of over 160 km/h in what was considered the fastest overs in years.

While the records may be dubious due to technological reasons, everyone can agree that his over 160 km/h fastballs were impressive.

World Cup hat-trick

During the cricket World Cup, Australia formed one of the most elite rosters of talented cricketers to fend off other nations' best. Australia faced South Africa in what was considered one of the best cricket World Cups in the history of the sport.

Brett Lee knocked out the Kenyan highest order to diminish them to 3/3. Kenyan batters Brijal Patel, Kennedy Otieno, and David Obuya fell into his spell in that game.

Lee also became the first player to make a hat-trick in the T20I in 2007 where he took a dominant Bangladesh to their worst loss after taking 3/27 that game. Lee was tremendous during those World Cups, and he has a hat-trick to prove it.

He is simply that great and is considered one of the best. Now that you know about Australian former international cricketer Brett Lee's amazing career, it's time to check out other young players who are dominating the sport today and enjoy cricket as the amazing sport that it is.