(Video) With three needed off last ball, batters trick the keeper and run two to pull off a crazy draw


Aryan Surana

In what comes across as a rib-tickler of a village cricket clip, two batters in the European Cricket League pulled off a sensational feat. With three runs required to win, the striker tried hacking the good-length ball towards mid-wicket but ended up missing it altogether. However, the non-striker was already halfway down the track and one run was completed with ease.

The keeper came up to stumps with the ball in his hand, unsure of what to do next as the batters made up their minds to go for another run. They did so smartly, with the man at the striker's end holding his ground till his partner comes close and leaving the crease only when the keeper has no option but to throw the ball to the non-striker's end.

The bowler has a feeble, unsuccessful shy at the stumps but the batters complete the brace anyway, leaving the umpires in a tizzy. However, the score graph clears the confusion with a 'match tied' display, setting the seal on a sorcery act for the ages.