Here at Guerilla Cricket we like to offer you even more than you think you want. So we’ve upped our game when it comes to merchandise.

With our new store at RedBubble, as well as the ever-popular T shirts, of which there are some examples below, there is an enormous variety of products.

You can get everything from fridge magnets, phone covers, mugs, coasters and stickers, to all your home-furnishing needs such as duvet covers, shower curtains, pillows and, due to popular demand, our amazing Guerilla clocks – you can time Jos Buttler’s latest T20 fifty while the man himself looks down on you from your chosen wall.

All our wares are embellished with our imaginative Guerilla designs and, by purchasing any of them, not only do you get some stylish and practical gear, you help keep cricket commentary live, free and available worldwide.

GC 1234 T shirtThe Bear on Air alternate T shirtThe Bear on Air T shirtOld Father cricket hoodieFucking Muppet T shirtTher is no Run T shirtUniverse Jo  T shirtShit Gets Wickets T shirtMark Wood as a horse T shirt