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Help us to smash child poverty for six

1.7 million UK children live in a household that does not have access to sufficient food to make up a healthy diet. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, this number is expected to rise.

Guerilla Cricket believes this is appalling and must not happen. We are working with the Sussex Cricket Foundation to do something about it. With the warmth and generosity of our global community of followers and listeners we can.

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How you can help

£3,500 will enable Sussex Cricket Foundation and the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership to deliver a 1,000 bags of food this winter to the most needy families in Brighton and Hove, right when and where it will make a difference to young lives.

Please help Guerilla Cricket to help them.

Give it the full Sobers, Shastri or Singh treatment: £126 will deliver 36 food bags.

Smash Child Hunger for six: £21 will deliver 6 food bags.

Run a quick single: £3.50 will deliver one food bag; those ones and twos are vital.

Whatever you can give, thanks to the Sussex Cricket Foundation's In The Bag project, you know that your money guarantees to get good nutritious food delivered where it is needed this winter.

About In The Bag

Each kit contains recipes and ready-weighed out ingredients, with recipes that are simple to make, known to work and provide options for involvement by children themselves. Information and activities are also included in every kit, such as Eat Them to Defeat Them activity packs (veg-themed masks, colouring, word searches etc.), Waste Less Save More information booklets and fridge thermometers, and toothbrushes and toothbrushing advice.

At Guerilla Cricket, we think that this is a brilliant scheme that our community across the world will be pleased to support.

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