The Guerillas

The Bear

The Man, The Myth, The Legend. Probably the best, most unfit left-arm orthodox spinner to never play for England since ... The King of Spain. Founding member of the Guerilla Cricket family.


Ditch has been involved in Sports Broadcasting on and off since the early 1980s. as well as having been a cricket lover for over 50 years he is a big Rubgy Union fan and is currently Director of Youth Rugby at Old Alleynians in SE London. He was for many years the Chairman of Cricket and Captained the Sunday B team at Alleynians. Although semi-retired Ditch is still a Government Statistician and has an affinity for numbers rivaled only by Norcross. @MrDitch

Not Fred Titmus

Not Fred Titmus, not a lover of limited-overs cricket, not convinced that coaches do anything, not a KP fan, not a socialist, not gonna dance, not Manny, not giving much away. Oh, and not the least bit negative.

Nakul Pande

Nakul (he/him pronouns) combines ball-by-ball commentary, punditry, production and editorial duties under the catchy title Assistant Editorial Director. He also writes and hosts the Guerilla Cricket Podcast, and is the lead admin for our social media feeds. He is a Classics student turned Law student turned marketer who decided none of those were as interesting as sports broadcasting, and is open to offers from beardcare sponsors. Tweets often, Instas occasionally.

Jason Hiscox

Jason Hiscox grew up on low slow Devon pitches dreaming of Bothamesque exploits, but had to settle instead for occasional long journeys to Taunton. Transplanted to the big smoke after university his defensive tail end batting and slow bowling, pithily but accurately described as "non-spinning pies" (by a friend?) found its natural home in lower XIs of the club of which he is now Secretary.  A long time watcher of county cricket, he discovered alternative
commentary in 2010-11 and has been listening ever since, wibbling since the 2015 World Cup.

Gary Naylor

Gary Naylor decided not to play football for Everton and, in 1977, played cricket for Hightown instead, where he honed his commentating skills by talking through every ball but one of every Hightown innings. (Do keep up!)

He was delighted in 2010 to find people listening for the very first time and has been a guerilla since. His cricket writing appears regularly at and Spin Cricket. He is chief reviewer for Broadway World. Find him @garynaylor999 and he'll talk cricket to you!


Co-founder of Guerilla Cricket with Nigel "The Bear" Walker, the other Nigel (Henderson) continues to eschew the glamour of the mainstream, remaining true to socialist principles to fight the good fight Outside Cricket. The programme"s main anchor is a former opening bat who spent a winter netting with Surrey in the early Eighties, he is the author of four books and may one day make a half-decent journalist. Believes all commentary stints are enlivened by the presence of pastries.

James Sherwood

James Sherwood's once metronomic line and length has probably deserted him for ever, though as a batsman he is increasingly showing true long-innings temperament. He is a comedian, comedy writer, jingle writer, pianist, and broadcaster. He presented Guerilla Cricket's coverage of the 2015 UK General Election. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of some of 1980s cricket, but could not explain a "power-play" if his life depended on it.


The Lord Alfred Douglas to Hendo's Oscar Wilde, Guerrilla irregular Ralphy struggles with the vulgarity of the modern game. Big bats, bottom hands, the absence of cable knit and Jade Dernbach all leave him sorely vexed. There will never be enough languid on drives and girls in pretty floaty dresses for him. Now confines his cricketing exploits to demonstrating the merits of the forward press to his disinterested son, FEC Henry.


Once upon a time, there was nothing. Several years later, there emerged a devilishly handsome and devastatingly charming man.

Unfortunately, George Dobell can't come on Guerilla Cricket at present, so they keep bringing Chris along. All of his cricketing opinions find their home on the show, or on his Twitter account @ThatChris1209, while he spends his days writing about football for whoever is desperate enough to hire him. Criminal over-user of commas, he bowls civilian-slow (it's like military medium, but less disciplined).


Jamaican-born Northern Irishman Rog (@rogpineapple) swears total allegiance only to Mother Cricket. Seasonally bearded, he is strongly for: cable-knit, batting in caps against spinners, MCJ Nicholas, more appreciation of the leg glance, Sherwood's jingles, Billy's trumpet, methods of sneaking drink into the Oval and playing for anyone, anywhere. He is known to cringe at Waitrose, send-offs ... no, he can't do this – there are no negatives in cricket!

Andy Ryan

Andy is the co-host of Reverse Swept Radio, a cricket podcast focusing on the game's history, literature and strange rituals. He'd rather watch Shiv Chanderpaul bat all day for thirty than see Chris Gayle make a double hundred in an afternoon. As a cricketer, Andy is proud to follow in the great English tradition of the bits and pieces player. @reverseswept


Katy (@ithilienorthend) is possibly the worst cricketer ever to be coached by four England players. Hopeless with a bat or ball in hand, she is much more at home watching from the stands or listening from behind the radio. Her cricketing claim to fame is that her blog Ashes Tourist, which charted her travels around Australia watching the 2013/14 Ashes series, was once mentioned by Michael Atherton in the Times. A zoologist and statistician by profession, she spends far too much time building statistical models using cricket data. She is convinced that Paul Collingwood is the greatest cricketer who ever lived.

Paul Howarth

Paul Howarth (aka Grubby) captained Queens' College to the Cambridge University league title in 1995. In cricketing terms, it's all been downhill since then. These days, he has to make do with burbling into a mic for Guerilla Cricket and fanning the flames of his unrequited love for Jos Buttler. Sigh. He occasionally writes sport articles for The Independent.

Andy Ward

Andy Ward (aka GetItQuietly) was a faceless drone until 2006 when, during a mid-life crisis, he became a professional poker player instead. This was about 1% as cool as it sounds. Nonetheless, he has never done a proper day's work since, making him an ideal commentator for Guerilla Cricket.  He can be found on Twitter at @GetItQuietly, mostly zinging the likes of Kajagoogoo into even further oblivion during repeats of Top of the Pops 1983.

Will Cockerell

The colossal importance of cricket first became clear to a 10-year-old Cockers in the glorious "Blackwash" summer of 1984 when at one of his father's weddings, the groom addressed the guests: "as you know this is the happiest day of my life.  At lunch the West Indies were 70-4, with Viv Richards out for one."  Although the course of that marriage did not run smooth, young Will was hooked at something that was clearly more vital than getting hitched.  

Since then, a dilettante life of top 40 finishes at the London marathon, a book on the marathon, spells at The Week magazine and a columnist for Athletics weekly, and even as a commentator on Eurosport's World Series of Backgammon; but cricket will forever remain his one true love (although he failed to mention this at his own wedding).

Tony Bishop

A former middle-order batsman whose innings were noted for aggression and brevity more than Dravidian limpet-like resistance, cut him and he bleeds Middlesex (and Watford - doctors are baffled).

Our Head of Marketing and advertising exec by trade, he started as a copywriter editing Mills and Boon’s customer newsletter under the nom de plume of Susan. It still pays the bills.

An occasional harp player and lover of the blues, he once supported Steve Marriott of the Small Faces and has met Willie Dixon’s daughter. If you don’t know who Willie was then listen to Guerilla Cricket as he's bound to mention it at some point! @tonybishop1 on Twitter.

Annie Chave

Annie is child number four of a cricket-obsessed professor, so her path in life was predetermined. She is now the editor of County Cricket Matters magazine and a Guerilla Cricket regular, and is determined to talk about Somerset CCC and Marcus Trescothick as often as is humanly possible. She can only count to 99. @AnnieChave on Twitter.

Machel St Patrick Hewitt

History teacher by day, freelance journalist by night, Machel co-founded and co-hosts the Caribbean Cricket Podcast and has been a Guerilla Cricket regular since December 2018. Follow him on Twitter at @mashstpaddy and the podcast at @CaribCricket.