Betting preview for the 2nd Test in Adelaide

Paul Howarth

Here we are, then. Adelaide and what has become known as England's Big Chance. Different conditions, different result? God, I hope so.

If you believe the pundits, and fancy us to turn the tables on the tails-up Aussies, 11/4 will look big enough. To me, it looks about fair.

On the player performance markets, I'm going to exhibit the sort of stubbornness you usually only see in a Blackpool donkey who, after 30 years 'on the sand', gets dug in the ribs by a toddler and told to "giddy up". Dawid Malan gets my nod for a small wager on top England bat. He's available at a generous 8/1 with our frenemies at Bet365. Malan batted nicely in the first dig at the Gabba (before giving it away like a rent-boy who's lost all self-respect) and I fancy his technique will serve him better if the ball swings than, say, James "The Flash" Vince.

I don't care what the pitch is supposed to be doing in South Australia. I saw enough of Nathan Lyon in Brizzie to know he's their most dangerous bowler. He's getting exaggerated turn off the surface and appears to be threatening with every single delivery. If you shop around you might just get 5/1 in the top Aussie bowler market.

Good luck to you, intrepid punter (small "p"), and to our brave lads in Adelaide.