Guerilla Prediction League

Predict runs, win cash!

There's a fantastic new game in town and it's not the IPL. It's the GPL – the Guerilla Prediction League. It's fun, it's easy to enter and it'll keep you gripped by Guerilla Cricket all day. All you have to do is predict the number of runs that will be scored on any given day – whether it's the first day of a major Test series, a one-day international or a T20.

  • You can make as many forecasts as you want but remember, if you opt for the same total as other people – and you're right on the nose – your winnings will have to be shared with them:
  • In a Test match, you will have until lunchtime on each day to make your predictions;
  • In an ODI, the cut-off point will be after 15 overs of the first innings;
  • In a T20, you will have until the end of the first powerplay – the first six overs of the first innings – to make your play.

The more people who play, the more exciting it gets, and if you have access to twitter, you can enjoy the banter with your fellow contestants and the programme itself as the end of the day nears. If there are no winners on any particular day – it has happened – the total rolls over, lottery-style, to the next day or match.

Terms and conditions apply.

GPL World T20 prize fund

Aswell as the usual chance to win the GPL pot if you get it spot on, as an added bonus we giving away a plethora of Guerilla goodies. Anyone who gets within 10 runs of the days total on any day will be entered into the prize draw that will drawn after the final on the 14th November.

Everything you see below will be included in the prize fund, however you can let us know which designs you would like on your merch, this is only a representation

GPL prize pot