About Us

For the time being, the search for a Sugar Mummy (or Daddy) is over. Guerilla Cricket will remain, perhaps to the relief of many, an autonomous organisation,  an ad-free, independent live audio streaming and specialist cricket news entity. Not that we will not be asking you, our loyal and growing band of listeners, for your support. However, rest assured that whatever you put in will be rewarded many times over; never before will your generosity have been so generously matched.

First of all, there is our online shop; there you will be able to order first-class merchandise from our clothing manufacturer 24/7 – choose from our ever-revolving series of T-shirts and polo shirts, bags and baseball caps to high-quality. You can now also order “The Guerilla” trademarked bats, hand-made by the world-renowned Robert Pack (based on the limited-edition provided during our most recent crowd-funding campaign).

Becoming a member – an Honorary Guerilla if you like – will grant you access to our entire archive and the majority of our much-loved jingles, many composed in-house by comedian James Sherwood and occasional Guerilla David Barratt, of the band Men With Ven, not to mention the offerings from overseas geniuses Mog and Jeff Perkins.

Perkins has reinterpreted the Beatles’ Sgt Pepper album in honour of our former leader and entitled Dick Norcroft’s Test Match Sofa Crew, with such classic songs as Being for the Benefit of Sofa Katie, A Game in the Life, Getting Pastries All The Time, When It’s Six for Four, and Lucid is the Guy With Alcohol.

And we have made it much easier to play the Guerilla Prediction League, our daily competition in which you could win more than £100. All you have to do is register and make your prediction once play starts. It’s worth it – just ask those who’ve won!

Finally, and perhaps most crucially, you can donate a small (or large!) monthly sum to our newly-established Patreon account. If 1,000 of you were to contribute just £2 a month it would help immeasurably with running costs and help to secure our future. Having at least an element of regular funding would enable us to fund a permanent location to broadcast from, our largest problem, and allow us to pay staff a small sum and make it much easier for us to attract and keep key individuals – whether commentating or producing.

We hope you enjoy these improvements to the Guerilla Cricket service and look forward to bringing you another action-packed winter of international cricket.

What our fans say

“Your knowledge of all things cricket is hypnotising” Dan Rodger

“Love the work. Not only funny but good, insightful cricket analysis. Not a lot of people can pull that off.” Chris Waller

“Super good commentary. I won’t miss a moment because of you.” Shivam Vyas

“You kept a homesick Brit laughing until he cried for most of the day. You are the best of the best.” Kellie Simone

“Awesome, very entertaining show.” Telly Tikeridis

“The best cricket commentary ever.” Josh Haycocks

“Bonkers but brilliant.” Hugh Patterson

“You have changed cricket for me forever.” Philip West

“You guys blow TMS out of the water.” Paul Selby

“Wonderful, non-elitist, rude and irreverant breath of fresh air. Brilliant.” Chris Vickery

“Guerilla Cricket team, you are hilarious.” Susan Lafleche