Watch a fabulous piece of wicketkeeping from Dhruv Jurel

Throughout the third Test between India and England in Rajkot, the hosts had their fair share of run-outs. In the first innings, the on-song debutant Sarfaraz Khan’s pyrotechnics were abruptly cut short after Ravindra Jadeja called him through for a single but then refused to follow through. On Sunday, Shubman Gill was run out in a identical fashion after Kuldeep Yadav made a similar mistake at the striker’s end.

England caught the miscommunication bug as well. Zac Crawley sent Ben Duckett back and Siraj, seizing the opportunity, hurled the ball with right at the base of the stumps. Wicketkeeper Dhruv Jurel sprinted towards the stumps, collecting the ball to whip the bails off in time.

The Indian team members acknowledged Jurel’s admirable effort. He collected the incoming throw from a difficult angle and stalled his momentum to ensure the runout. Thanks to the keeper’s swift reflexes, England lost their opening wicket.