England draw first blood as Broad traps Moore plumb

Stuart Broad has drawn first blood for England after Ben Stokes won the toss and opted to field first in the four-day Test against Ireland. The veteran seamer chimed in to bowl a full length delivery in the tight off-stump channel. He got it to swing in slightly as Peter Moor fell over in his stance attempting to flick. He missed the ball to get pinged on the pads. The Englishmen went up in unison and the umpire had no hesitation in upholding the appeal. Moor had a word with his partner and decided to walk back, not seeing any merit in a review.

The Irishmen played their last Test against England in 2019, a game where they were in prime position to throw a spanner in the works of the Englishmen but they got knocked over for 38 in the final innings while chasing a manageable target of 182. Ireland are coming off an emphatic 10-wicket victory over Essex in a 3-day Practice match and that would do their confidence a world of good.