(Video) Zak Crawley’s technique change not enough to prevent Siraj dismissal

Kumar Sangakkara was describing the positive changes that Zak Crawley had made to his game before the Kent man was, predictably, dismissed for 27 by Mohammad Siraj.

Crawley was looking good having closed off his stance slightly and pointing his left shoulder towards the bowler, which was allowing him to play nicely down the line of the ball and drive without losing his shape.

Crawley fell minutes later, however, inside-edging a Siraj in-ducker onto his pads. The ball flew through to Rishabh Pant and Crawley was initally reprieved by the on-field decision. Having reviewed the previous delivery to no avail, Kohli was reluctant to go upstairs. He was eventually convinced by Siraj and Pant and seemed surprised when the inside edge became apparent.