Jos Buttler seeks more ‘tangibles’ to show for England’s revolutionary cricket

England have progressed by leaps and bounds since their journey-altering exit at the Adelaide Oval seven years ago at the ODI World Cup. A defeat to Bangladesh showed them the door but flipped their white-ball cricket for the better, paving the way for a trailblazing ultra-positive approach that paid rich dividends at the 2019 World Cup. Having tasted success in the 50-over format, Jos Buttler is hoping there’s more ‘tangible’ things to show come the weekend.

“I think we all want to win things, [we] certainly don’t want to be a team that just says we played a great style of cricket,” Buttler said. “You want to have tangible things that you have achieved throughout that, as well.”

“Getting to the semifinals and final, the big prize is obviously standing there with the trophy at the end of the game, and that’s what we all want to achieve. But we know that the way we play is going to give us the best chance of doing that,” he added.