(Video) Learn from the best as England’s Chris Jordan shares tips and tricks to get better at fielding

Chris Jordan is an absolute livewire on the field. His groundwork is razor-sharp, and he’s got bucket hands that just don’t seem to drop anything. The nimble-footed athlete is often entrusted with the responsibility of manning the hotspots such as long-on and mid-wicket towards the fag end of an innings.

In an insightful video shared by ECB, Jordan shares some valuable tips and tricks to master the art of fielding. The best in the business speaks about watching the ball closely into your palms and having excellent rope awareness when patrolling the boundaries.

Modern-day cricket is all about fielding in pairs. Relay catches have become the norm rather than the exception. Jordan stresses the importance of chasing balls in tandem with a teammate and backing up shies at the stumps to prevent overthrows. Adding on, he sheds light upon the ideal head position and agile movements to curb tight singles.