“We could be on the cusp of something incredibly special” – darn right Adam Collins, darn right

Guerilla is an inclusive organisation and our menbers spread their wings and do all sorts. As many of you know Annie Chave is passionate about County Cricket and has started County Cricket Matters. In a show of kinship we share a County Cricket Matters podcast special.

This week Annie and Sam were absolutely delighted to welcome Adam Collins to the show.

Adam’s CV is quite something but from a cricketing perspective can be distilled to this: he has called the game at international and domestic level around the world; he is the current Christopher Martin Jenkins Domestic Broadcaster of the Year thanks to his work on the 2020 London Cup, with Middlesex’s Live Stream and with Sky Sports; and he is bloomin’ infatuated with both the women’s and men’s games.

Join us to as we chat early 00’s internet forums, ticket touts, maxing out credit cards, live-streams, sharing the love and so much more.

And naturally Adam tries his hand at “The Quiz”. How did he get on? Only one way to find out…

We cover an awful lot but fortunately both Adam and I speak at the speed of sound – good luck to anyone taking shorthand notes!

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Once you’ve listened, please do find Adam on Twitter at @collinsadam and check out his work. We highly recommend The Final Word.

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