Down and usually out: Guerilla tweeters find the fun in a fiasco

Another day, another disaster. England slumped to a third defeat in a row, barely raising a whimper as India first battered them to all parts, then subtly extracted a now mostly morose crew of batsmen from the crease. Whatever could go wrong, did go wrong, and the most excrutiatingly painful dismissal, when Dominic Sibley crashed a full-blooded sweep straight into the left knee of short-leg Shubman Gill only for the Indian to limp and fall prostrate in agony as an unmoved and unmoving Rishabh Pant behind the stumps bagged the simple lobbed rebound, was also the most unintentionally hilarious. Here are a few of the best tweets you sent in as England imploded to an innings loss.

Jingle by Mog