Tweet wars: Stokes and Foakes incidents have Guerilla listeners at odds

You can always rely on a fair helping of controversy when England are in the sub-continent and no sooner had a few pitch arguments from the second Test died down than there were more reasons for fans on both sides to get irate.

First of all Ben Stokes claimed a catch when Shubman Gill’s edge was found by Stuart Broad with the opener still to score. There seemed something not altogether right about Stokes’ movement as he took it at second slip and our own commentator Gary Naylor called it not out on first viewing.

However, Chettihody Shamshuddin, the third umpire, ruled in favour of the batsman with unseemly haste, relying on one angle in direct contrast to the care he took when Jack Leach stood his ground after seemingly being caught at gully earlier in the day. A later attempted stumping of Rohit Sharma again looked not out from side-on but England argued with the on-pitch umpire that his colleague in the shed should have had a look from the stump-cam, if not several other angles.

Anyway, the arguments for and against will no doubt take up much space on the back pages in the morning, but we have decided to let you have your say with a selection of tweets on the above subjects and others that took our fancy during the day.

Did your tweet make it?

On Stokes’ “catch”

On Foakes’ “stumping” of Rohit

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