Justin Langer gets cheesed off with Marnus, but the rest of the world are brevelling in it!

Marnus Labushagne caught red handed trying to sneak a ham and cheese toastie on to the field of play

When it comes to Aussie watching, English fans love something to bite on and Marnus Labuschagne and Justin Langer have served them up a tasty treat. It seems during the fourth Test against India at The Gabba, Langer asked Labuschagne not to carry a toasted Cheese and Ham sandwich on the field.

“You’re walking on against India, we’re trying to win a Test match and one of our players walks on with a toasted sandwich in his hand,” Langer said, clearly feeling Marnus hadn’t used his loaf.

“I spoke to (the player) about it at length yesterday. I said, ‘How do you reckon it looks, mate?’ Is that not something I should say?”

This comes amid reports that at a few of the Australian players weren’t happy with Langer’s headmaster-like coaching style. After the ball-tampering scandal in 2018, coaches have been asking the players to not carry anything in their pockets.

“Yeah I get grumpy sometimes”: Langer

“I’m the grumpiest p**ck in the world because I told Marnus Labuschagne not to take a toasted ham and cheese sandwich (to the dugout) after his 40-minute lunch break,” Langer was quoted as saying. “One thing I am very good at — and I wouldn’t be here today unless I was great at self-reflection, great at learning — I get advice all the time, one thing I do is I learn and I get better,” he stated modestly.

In Langer’s defence, it was a bit half – baked of Marnus so we can understand why it grated so much with his coach.

To everyone’s relief at least Marnus didn’t slip it into his pocket as that would have got him into a real pickle. Let’s just say Glamorgan’s finest needs to behave more Caerphilly in future.

Adapted from an article by Antoine Pont-l’Évêque on CricTracker.