(Video) Bizarre questioning of Virat Kohli not the skipper’s first laughable press conference

Virat Kohli, as usual, had to face the press after India lost in emphatic fashion to England on Saturday at Headingley. The Indian captain was visibly unimpressed with one question in particular, when a reporter suggested that the England bowlers were bowling very full and when they dropped a little shorter, the Indian batsmen were missing out on scoring a lot of runs. The question, asked of one of the greatest players to ever live, was made even more unbelievable by its tone, as the reporter openly interrupted Kohli when he was trying to speak.

It is not the first time Kohli has had to face these sorts of bizarre questions. In 2017, after his side lost to Pakistan in the Champions Trophy Final, he was reminded of India getting a wicket off a no-ball and then asked if there were any “pleasant” moments in the match for him, to which he responded with understandable bafflement. On both occasions the skipper has shown an admirable degree of self-control.