Guerilla Cricket: live cricket commentary

It's ball-by-ball like you've never heard before, covering all England international matches, world tournaments and so much more besides; it's high-brow, low-brow, laughter and song (wait till you hear our jingles) with a knowledgeable collective of comedians, journalists, musicians and more. And YOU, on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Guerilla cricket and Woodstock: a winning partnership

At Guerilla Cricket, we love cricket and our fans in equal measure. That's why we've partnered with Woodstock to offer an amazing 15% discount on their range of world class bats and other equipment.

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Sync and sensibility

If the Beeb bores you and Nasser's niggling, you can listen to our live commentary and match it with your TV stream. Download the hotmic app using the invite code GCRADIO and you're ready for the perfect union of sound, pictures and Guerilla gregariousness.

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