Guerilla Cricket: live cricket commentary

It's ball-by-ball like you've never heard before; it's ball-by-ball with your mates; it's ball-by-ball covering all England international matches and much more besides; it's high-brow, it's low-brow, it's laughter, it's song (just wait till you hear our jingles) all in the company of a knowledgeable collective of comedians, journalists, musicians, classicists, an MCC committee member, and a woman with a PhD in meerkat behaviour (they're bastards apparently). And YOU, contributing via Twitter on the issues at hand from one of the 193 countries who've already learnt of the Guerilla legend.

Balbirnie Senior live from Dehradun

Live from Dehradun – Ashley Balbirnie, father of Ireland's newest Test half-centurion Andy – tells Nakul Pande and Tim Part how the Irish camp are feeling in their first ever away Test.

The Bear talks to Star Sports about giving smaller nations a leg up

The Bear was once again called upon to spout his thoughts on stuff today by the good people at Star Sports. Today was a subject close to the hearts of Guerillas: how to get the smaller nations playing more competitive cricket.