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It's ball-by-ball like you've never heard before; it's ball-by-ball with your mates; it's ball-by-ball covering all England international matches and much more besides; it's high-brow, it's low-brow, it's laughter, it's song (just wait till you hear our jingles) all in the company of a knowledgeable collective of comedians, journalists, musicians, classicists, an MCC committee member, and a woman with a Master's in meerkat behaviour (they're bastards apparently). And YOU, contributing via twitter on the issues at hand from one of the 193 countries who've already learnt of the Guerilla legend.

Bat crazy: new lineage for a famous name

We interview Charlotte Surridge, of Swannack, whose company is trying to kickstart a return to the big time with the successor to an iconic brand. Who'll take the baton from the likes of Graham Gooch and Viv Richards? All is revealed here.

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Guerilla Cricket talks to principal ballet dancer at the Royal Opera House Alexander Campbell about cricket, ballet and the Ashes.