Playing now: The entire 3rd test Ind v Eng. Another game of lost chances and under achievment by England. Listen to the whole game again here

Guerilla Cricket: revolutionary cricket commentary

It's ball-by-ball like you've never heard before; it's ball-by-ball with your mates; it's ball by ball covering all England international matches and much more besides; it's high brow, it's low-brow, it's laughter, it's song (just wait till you hear our jingles) all in the company of a knowledgeable collective of comedians, journalists, musicians, classicists, an MCC committee member, and a woman with a Master's in meerkat behaviour (they're bastards apparently). And YOU, contributing via twitter on the issues at hand from one of the 193 countries who've already learnt of the Guerilla legend.

India vs England competitions

To celebrate the India vs England test, we are currently running two competitions to win cricket gear in association with World Cricket Store and Holding Willey.

What our fans say about Guerilla Cricket

"Super good commentary. I won't miss a moment because of you" Shivam

"Very impressive. Listening with the TV coverage muted" Marcus Atkinson

"Awesome, very entertaining show" Telly Tikeridis

"The best cricket commentary ever" Josh Haycocks

"Bonkers but brilliant" Hugh Patterson

"You have changed cricket for me forever" Philip West

"You guys blow TMS out of the water" Paul Selby

"I've never heard so much drivel in all my born days" Bruce Robinson

"You are that been-round-the-block lady with heartbreakingly imprecise lipstick but who can still do the Special Thing" Robert McL Wilson

Recent highlights

Lunch chat with Alan Butcher

A chat with Peter Oborne

The Bear's on Star again

Broadcast Schedule

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India v England 2016
4th Test Ind v Eng Mumbai
8th December to 12th December
Start time: 4:00 am
5th Test Ind v Eng Chennai
16th December to 20th December
Start time: 4:00 am
1st ODI Ind v Eng Pune
15th January
Start time: 9:00 am

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